GOAL: The GFB Calendar is designed with the “Get Better” mentality in mind. Players are required to check in if they are playing another sport in the off-season. All other players are required to participate in each of the sessions leading up to the “Official Season” that begins in August.

VACATION: Players & their Families are encouraged to take vacation during the “Dead Weeks” and/or preferably in the early part of June. It will not be beneficial for a player to work through summer camp and then take 2 weeks or more off prior to the start of the season in August.

SUCCESS: Each player’s, our team’s, our season’s success are all dependent on a player’s commitment to each of these off-season sessions, the time spent in the weight room, an honest effort in academics, and the “Get Better” mentality.

2011 Calendar Months

  1. December-February: Winter Camp (Monday + Thursday)
  2. March: A.M. Sessions (Tuesday + Wednesday + Thursday)
  3. April-May: Spring Ball (Monday – Friday)
  4. June-July: Summer Camp (Monday + Tuesday + Wednesday + Thursday + 2-4PM)
  5. DEAD WEEKS: June 6-12 + July 25-30 (No football activity)
  6. August 1-9: Double Sessions
  7. August-September: Pre-Season
  8. September-November: Regular + Post Seasons

2011 Calendar Events

  1. WINTER CAMP: Mon & Thu January 3-February 17
  2. GFL: Wed @ Lunch January 12-March 23 (March 18 GFL Day Trip)
  3. A.M. SESSIONS: Tues, Wed & Thu @ 7:30-7:50 March 1-March 24
  4. SPRING BALL: Mon-Fri April 18-May 20 (Purple vs Orange May 20th)
  5. LPC (Lions Passing Club) & Open Weight Room: May 23-June 3 (By invitation only for LPC)
  6. DEAD WEEK #1: June 6-10 (no football events scheduled)
  7. SUMMER CAMP: Mon – Thu 2-4:30PM June 13-July 21
  8. DEAD WEEK #2: July 25-29 (property open but no events scheduled)
  9. OFFICIAL SEASON BEGINS: Mon August 1st (everyday practice-Double Sessions 1pm-530pm)