2011 Alum Sizzles in First Alumni Day

fb11-alumni-challenge-cardGalileo’s first reunion for football alumni was an all-day flag football tournament with lots of smiles, just enough food, some trash talking, and a lot of points on the board. About 50 attended the inaugural that started with the kickoff at 11AM and the last touchdown scored at about 5PM. The coaches team (Coaches Know Best), in the day’s first match, warmed up against the young cubs (Super 6+3), this season’s frosh soph team. Assistant coach for the 2004 frosh soph team, Gary Tran (c/0 ’99, ’98 Champs) intercepted 3 Josh Lu (2014) passes to help CKB top the Supers, 36-6.

The eventual champions, Pickmasters (2010 varsity) began a day of pick 6’s  filled with enough offensive moves for 5 highlight reels. They quieted a talkative Team Jones, this year’s varsity team, as they cruise to a 24-12 win, the closest match of the day. The Masters included 4 players who have recorded 4 interceptions or more in a varsity season at Galileo; Waynelle Buckner, Wesley Choy, William Kay, and Quincy Nelson. They are also the fastest DB’s within the last 3 seasons.

Meanwhile, the 09 All-Stars began trickling in around noon, warming to the sun and lazily kept the young cubs away with a 30-12 win. Quarterback, Dylan Nelson led the All-Stars with good balls to Chuck Jones and Randy Peterson. The Supers gave it a go but was unable to keep up in the end.

Needless to say, the Pickmasters speed prove too much for the runner-up, 09 All-Stars (36-12) and third place finisher, Coaches Know Best (28-8). Although, CKB has a legitimate claim for not having coach Don and their 2 best players in Tran and Menh Voong who is Tran’s classmate and teammate. Tran and Voong left after their second match due to work. Regardless, the Pickmasters earned their championship and will have to come and defend their title next summer.

Perhaps the success of this inaugural event should not be measured by 10 exciting games and the 50 attendants, but by the laughter and the 80 burgers, 45 polish dogs, 40 bags of chips, 36 apples, lots of water, some Capri-Sun, that was consumed.

Most Intriguing Matchup: The “varsity vs frosh soph”, the “toilet bowl”, the “battle of the winless”, and the “bragging rights lottery”, was won by Team Jones over Super 6+3, 36-14. The Supers had a chance and competed but the second half turned into a rout with TD runs by Romero O’Neal and Dontell Jackson.

Best Quote of the Day: “We have to have a team meeting. This is our team, not yours coach-so we have to meet.” – Conrad Mo (Super 6+3)

Best Laugh of the Day: Someone knocked Quincy Nelson’s polish dog to the ground. It was a masterpiece of ketchup, mustard, relish and bun on the ground. Total laugh time was 3 minutes.

Most Dominating Performance by a Player not Named Quincy Nelson: Gary Tran (’99) was on pace for 10 interceptions for the day but left for work after 2 games.

Tourny Awards: MVP (Quincy Nelson), Best Defense (William Kay), Best Offense (Randy Peterson), Biggest Surprise (Chuck Jones), Best Vocals (Paul Hill), Most Inspirational (Super 6+3), Coming Back with a Vengeance in 2012 (Coaches Know Best), Best Strip (Coach Vasa snatched Quincy’s belt and tore off half of his shirt), Best Cameo (Chris Parker, held to 1 game by an elbow to the nose), Best Chef (Coach Mark), Best Sous-Chefs (Danny Huang & Jacky Phung), Best Touchdown in the Air (Quincy Nelson 1-hander over an un-named coach), Best Touchdown on the Ground (Romero O’Neal on a kick-off return), Best Field Goal during a Kick Off (Dylan Nelson 35-yarder), Best Hairdo (Jovesa Cakau), Best Betrayal (Terrell Jeffrey helping coach Vasa douse Kris Balarezo), Best Refs (Anthony Lam, Quincy Nelson & Kevin Li), Best Play to End a Game (Kevin Li pick-6), Best Pile (Everyone on coach Vasa), and Best Near-Save (Coach Mark with the ice bucket over the pile to save coach Vasa but coach Vasa came out the wettest). Did we miss a few? Please add your own awards in the comment section.


  1. PICKMASTERS 4-0 (Class of 2011 + Current Players)
  2. 09 ALL-STARS 3-1 (Class of 2010)
  3. COACHES KNOW BEST 2-2 (Coaches + Alumni)
  4. TEAM JONES 1-3 (Varsity)
  5. SUPER 6+3 0-4 (Frosh Soph)



Waynelle Buckner
Wesley Choy
William Kay
Johnson La
Kevin Li
Jon Lu
Quincy Nelson
Erik Wilson
Ngan La (2014)
Wayky Duong (2014)
Brandon Hom (2013)


Jovesa Cakau
Paul Hill
Chuck Jones
Dylan Nelson
Shaun Numera
Randy Peterson
Donovan Phillips
Mike Ene (2012)
Mitch Ene (2013)


Danny Huang (2007)
Mark Huynh
Ben Moore
Jacky Phung (2008)
Steve Santoro
Soeun Tek (2002)
Gary Tran (1999)
Saepata Vasa
Menh Voong (1999)


Sebastian Brezeale
Wayky Duong
Ronzel Fox
Dontell Jackson
Terrell Jeffrey
Anthony Lam
Ed Luu
Romero O’Neal
Mark Pineda


John Diep
Todd Holland
Eric Hung
Josh Lu
Conrad Mo
Scottie Prom
Andrew Tran
Tony Wu


Coaches Know Best (36) – Super 6+3 (6)
Pickmasters (24) – Team Jones (12)
09 All-Stars (30) – Super 6+3 (12)
Coaches Know Best (34) – Team Jones (0)
Pickmasters (36) – 09 All-Stars (12)
09 All-Stars (36) – Team Jones (12)
Pickmasters (28) – Coaches Know Best (8)
Team Jones (36) – Super 6+3 (14)
09 All-Stars (36) – Coaches Know Best (6)
Pickmasters (38) – Super 6+3 (18)

About the event: With it’s first gathering in July 16, 2011, the Galileo Alumni Challenge is an event held for all current football players, coaches, and football alumni. This “family reunion” is held in July, typically the Saturday before summer camp ends.

Alumni in Action! Photos by Whitney Lao (G-Staff c/o 2012)