2010 Theme


What does “Start2Finish” mean? Article by Max Malloy

max-malloyIt’s clear to most people that you have to start something before you can finish it.  Last year the Galileo Lions finished the biggest turnaround in AAA history.  But how did we start it?  This amazing feat started with a small core of talented players that suffered through some losing seasons, yet still believed if they stuck together and kept working at it, they could finish what they started.

When it comes to playing football for Galileo, it all starts with being a good student. What makes a good student? Good grades.  Our coaching staff and school have always told us that our grades come before football not [for the purpose of being eligible, but because it’s the right thing to do.  The odds of any of us making it into the NFL and making the big paychecks are against us, but the odds of us working in a career where we use our education and minds to earn a decent living for our families are almost a sure bet.

We can’t work hard on the field and have a good start only to lose some of our best players because of grades.  So remember what is first and don’t be late for class, pay attention, get the grades, and finish what you start.

Our success last year wasn’t a fluke.  It wasn’t luck.  It was a coaching staff that believed in us as much as we believed in each other.  We’ve all seen teams that fall apart or turn on each other when the going gets tough.  The Galileo Lions didn’t do that, won’t do that, and never will.

In 2010, we will have to finish stronger than the previous years.  Most likely the other teams will talk about us being in a rebuilding year because we’ve lost the heart of this team as our seniors have moved on.  But as last year’s team proved, there’s plenty of heart to go around, and when the times get tough and things aren’t going our way, that’s the time to remember the effort and dedication the 2009 Championship Galileo Lions put forward to win it all.  It won’t be easy, but if it was easy, everyone would do it.  Study hard, believe in each other, focus, and we’ll have our school singing “Welcome to the Jungle” one more year.